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Hands down, the best group acupuncture clinic in the Boston area. Serene, healing space. Dalit & Mira are wonderful!

– EW, Medford

I've been seeing Dalit for about two months, mostly for pain in my joints and soft tissue related to chronic illness. The results have been incredible so far, including total remission of painful elbow tendinitis and TMJ, and great improvement in lower back and leg pain. She has also been very helpful with some minor GI issues. Dalit is thorough, gentle, professional, and caring, and the atmosphere in the clinic is very relaxing. I highly recommend giving her a try.

– JS, Belmont

I'm so grateful that HSQCA exists. I've been receiving acupuncture on and off for ten years, but once my go-to low-cost options disappeared, I found myself in need of a place to access quality, affordable acupuncture. A friend (who is also an acupuncturist) mentioned that HSQCA had just opened (last spring) and off I went. Nate is absolutely wonderful, and is truly invested in each patient, and has worked diligently and patiently to help me with my health issues. I look forward to my treatments each week because I know I'm going to come out feeling relaxed and better, mentally and physically. I cannot begin to explain how much of a difference it makes to my life that I can access the treatment I need on a weekly, instead of on a monthly, basis. Thanks so much.
-MB, Watertown

I am a long-time migraine sufferer and this business has vastly improved my quality of life by helping me find a means to control the length and frequency of my migraines. I am no longer taking uncomfortable prescription mediation to fight the migraines, as acupuncture has helped reduce the intensity. I highly recommend this business.

Additionally, Dalit has an amazing bedside manner and she is really invested in each of her clients' health. Every appointment is a pleasure!

– SM, Brighton

I found this clinic walking into Harvard Square a week ago, and was delighted to find Community Acupuncture in the area! The space is super clean, peaceful, and bright, with a nice waiting room (with purified water, tea, etc) and 2 rooms for treatment. Dalit is kind, sweet and warm, and an absolute expert at putting the needles in-- not a  drop of pain or discomfort. Like many, I am phobic of needles, and Dalit understood perfectly. She is right there if you need her (super important) but totally leaves you space to relax and just take in the treatment. The place is really special, I will be going back regularly, and I think this business is going to be a big success!

– JG, Somerville

I have really not slept in 20 years. Insomnia has been my cross to bear for as long as I remember. Ive tried lots of things, medication, meditation, therapy, but nothing really helped, particularly not without tremendous side effects and expense. Many suggested I try acupuncture, but it never seemed affordable and I needed to trust a person to allow them to treat me. HSQCA, with the sliding scale payment plan, made acupuncture affordable, but even more important, I found someone I feel I can trust in Dalit. She is experienced and knows what she is doing and she has a gentle and comforting presence. I felt at ease immediately, which is not my normal state!  The office is lovely, bright, calm and soothing. Not too big, not too small, just right. The big news is the treatments are helping me sleep! Its the best its been in a couple of decades, with no side effects! in fact other things have improved as well, like headaches, leg cramps, heart palpitations, the very things that keep me awake. I am amazed and very grateful to have found Dalit Waller right in Harvard Square, an easy walk from my house. These treatments are working for me and I highly recommend, whatever issues you are having, that you go to HSQCA and give acupuncture with Dalit a try.

– WB, Somerville

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